Support Holy Communion and Shop With Scrip®!

You can support Holy Communion almost every time you shop when you Shop With Scrip.  This is a year-round fundraiser that is easy to use and can support our church with thousands of dollars every year.

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®. This amazingly successful fundraising program has worked for thousands of churches and other non-profit organizations! Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your church when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money.  Great Lakes Scrip Center® has helped thousands of organizations earn more than 500 million dollars over the last 20 years.

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Now that you’ve learned what Scrip is and how it can help our church, you’re ready to enroll!  Registering is QUICK and EASY and there are three options to choose from:

OPTION 1:  You can ENROLL ON-LINE at the Scrip website.  You will need an enrollment code from the Scrip Coordinator first.  Once you have your enrollment code, choose the orange button below.

OPTION 2:  You can send your information to the Scrip Coordinator who will enroll you.  Complete the form below and hit SUBMIT to send your information to the coordinator.

Scrip Enrollment

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OPTION 3:  Complete a paper enrollment form when you’re at church.  Stop by the Scrip table between services.

Interested in helping with the Holy Communion Scrip Program?