Consecration Sunday 2017: Joined by Faith.  Growing in Spirit.

Thank you for your response to our Consecration Sunday campaign on Sunday, October 8th. You are a congregation that is wholly committed to the ministries of Holy Communion; for that, your congregational leadership, including our council, pastors and staff are grateful.  Holy Communion Lutheran Church has been blessed by the faithfulness and generosity of its members throughout its 116 year history.

Our sanctuary- completed during the Great Depression- and our Parish House, are a second home for our members and a beacon in our community.  They are a place for worship, service, education, fellowship, reflection, counsel, and joy.

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit that guided our founders continues to lead us today.  We are grateful for the many people who have played a part in shaping the Holy Communion story.

We want to acknowledge those who attended this year’s brunch on October 8, 2017 and made your commitments on Consecration Sunday. It was a morning of fellowship, good food and conversation.

Finally, as we wrap up this year’s events, your leaders in the congregation feel it is important to continue our conversations around how vital your support is to continue these ministries and the staff that support them. Without this support, we cannot continue to serve our Holy Communion family and community as we currently are!  Please consider your 2018 gift carefully.

Use the form below to make your 2018 Estimate of Giving and/or your one-year extension to the Capital Campaign fund.

2018 Estimate of Giving and Capital Campaign Extension

Complete the form below and click the ‘SUBMIT’ button to make your commitment TODAY!  Thank you!

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  • STEP 1 - 2018 Estimate of Giving

    Grow One Step for Christ...and his Church! In response to God's love and as a concrete expression of my faith and commitment to Christ and his church, I plan to GROW ONE STEP in my/our giving for 2018.
    In response to God's love and a concrete expression of my/our faith and commitment to Christ and His church, I/we plan to Grow One Step UP in my/our giving for 2018.
    beginning January 1, 2018
  • STEP 2 - One-year extension to our Capital Fund

    beginning Jan 1, 2018
  • (Gifts given in honor or memory of someone will be acknowledged.)
  • Other Giving Opportunities (optional)