Joined by Faith.  Growing in Spirit.

Holy Communion Lutheran Church has been blessed by the faithfulness and generosity of its members throughout its 116 year history.

Our sanctuary- completed during the Great Depression- and our Parish House, are a second home for our members and a beacon in our community.  They are a place for worship, service, education, fellowship, reflection, counsel, and joy.

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit that guided our founders continues to lead us today.  We are grateful for the many people who have played a part in shaping the Holy Communion story.

NOW it is time for us to add a new chapter to that story.

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Food Pantry Renovations

The food pantry has been serving families in our community since 1977.  Our food pantry serves nearly 500 families a month- that’s upwards of 1,600 people- all in a very small space.  The new food pantry is now located in the lower level and ALL services, including food storage, service, and entry will now be on one floor.  There will be more storage space and a large waiting are for the comfort of our guests.

Food Pantry Update

The food pantry area is completed and functioning.  More space is available for volunteers and the delivery of food items is now able to be done on one floor.

Parish House Renovations

The parish house was badly in need of renovations as well.  The office hadn’t been update since the 1950’s.  Pastors offices were away from the main office leading to poor communication.  In addition, there was very little conference space for meetings, especially if there was more than one meeting at a time.  New air conditioning units were installed to making working in the summer bearable and to allow worship in the Mark Hurn room since the sanctuary was not air conditioned.

A welcome area is being created to allow visitors to comfortably learn about our church and our ministries.  The new Welcome Area will create a lasting impression and proclaim that we are a welcoming place.

Parish House Update

Both the parking lot and Parish House renovations have been completed and staff has moved into their new areas. With the completion of the new office area, staff members have plenty of light and area to work.  The new security system allows our staff to feel safe at all times.

Resurfaced parking lot and lower road completed.

The renovation project called for a complete resurfacing of the parking lot and the lower road.  This resurfacing, along with new drainage tile, will resolve water drainage issues currently rendering parts of our building unusable.

Still want to give?

We’ve made a lot of progress over the last 3 months and we’ve almost reached our goal of $600,000.  You can still pledge!  Please complete the form below and your pledge will go straight to the office where it will be recorded.  Thank you!

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